01 – Biodegradable ingredients

We do our part to maintain the ecological balance of ecosystems by choosing ingredients from renewable, biodegradable sources. We use a cyclical approach that respects the planet and ourselves.

02 – Formulations for delicate body and hair – scalp

Our experience in Korean skincare has taught us about respecting the delicacy of every individual’s unique skin. The same sensitivity is recreated in Ondalis products, which are created for people with delicate scalps and skin.

03 – Zero waste by design

For us, an ideal product packaging is easy to recycle, as well as light and minimal in order to avoid overloading recycling plants.

04 – A “less is more” cosmetic

Achieving perfection by removing the superfluous is the mantra of minimalism that best represents us.
Every object we bring into our homes or use during our travels occupy valuable space. We must leave space for only the essentials.

Meet the founder

Mauro Marinello
Mauro MarinelloFounder
I created Ondalis to provide solutions in step with the technologies and sustainability challenges of our time.
Our philosophy is the compass that guides us in research, creativity and design, and it will bring us together with people who care about the environment.