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Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions2020-06-29T17:25:21+02:00
What are your working hours?2020-07-07T15:48:53+02:00

Customer service is operational Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.
We respond to written communications within a few business hours. All methods of contacting us can be found on the contact page.

How can I keep in touch with you?2020-06-29T17:16:35+02:00

The best way to find out about our news is through our monthly newsletter. At the bottom of this page, you can find the registration form.
If you prefer Telegram, there is a dedicated channel that informs you about news. To join, click here or search for this username: ondalis_it.

Can I resell your products on my Amazon site or account?2020-06-29T17:15:28+02:00

Authorized dealers can sell Ondalis products in their physical or virtual store point of sales. Selling on Amazon, E-bay or third party websites is not authorized.
Physical person cannot resell our products and, if we suspect that this is happening, we reserve the right to suspend the sale.

What is the deadline for your products?2020-06-29T17:14:33+02:00

After opening (PAO), the product must be used within 6 months.
The stability tests performed on the product guarantee a total expiration of more than 30 months, and for this reason, you will not find the expiration date on the package.

Do the products contain preservatives?2020-06-29T17:13:45+02:00

The products do not contain preservatives.
The amount of water in the product is so low that the absence of bacterial proliferation is guaranteed. Laboratory tests show that during the use of the product, bacteria do not increase, despite the absence of preservatives.

What kind of dyes do you use in your products?2020-06-29T17:12:55+02:00

All of our products use dyes of natural origin. It is common to find dyes of mineral origin on the market with opaque, not transparent supply chains.
For this reason, we decided to use only bio-dyes of natural origin obtained from plants and certified as organic by the main certification bodies to guarantee transparency in the supply chain and the highest quality.

Are Ondalis products vegan?2020-06-29T17:12:08+02:00

No raw materials of animal origin are used in Ondalis products. Ondalis does not perform animal tests, in compliance with European legislation.

Where can I find more information about your products?2020-06-29T17:10:03+02:00

All the necessary information is available on the page of each product in the shop section of the site. If you have any questions that we haven’t answered, please contact us.

Find all the ways to contact us here.

Do I have to register in order to place an order?2020-06-29T17:06:43+02:00

Orders at our e-shop do not require registration.

Where can I buy your products?2020-06-29T17:06:04+02:00

Currently, only in our e-shop. If you want to try them in the mini-size version before buying them in the standard version, we recommend you start with the Try Kit.

What payments do you accept?2020-06-29T17:04:37+02:00
  • Credit-debit cards of the main circuits (Visa, MasterCard, American Express …)
  • Wire transfer

Electronic payments are managed by Stripe, one of the safest and most reliable international platforms. We do not accept cash on delivery.

Are returns free?2020-06-29T17:03:46+02:00

Yes. We accept returns without further cost to you for a period of 14 days after your products arrive.

How long will it take for my order to be processed?2020-06-29T17:03:11+02:00

It depends on the timetable.

  • Order placed before 12:00 – delivered to the courier on the same day
  • Order placed after 12:00 – delivered to the courier the next day

While waiting for the arrival of your products, you can check the status of the shipment in real time.

How much are shipping costs?2020-06-29T17:02:12+02:00

Here are the shipping options currently available:

  • 4-6 working days – 1 product – € 4.50
  • 4-6 working days – 2 products or more – free shipping
What kind of packaging do you use for shipments?2020-06-29T16:48:57+02:00

A carbdboard envelope and a recyclable plastic envelope for documents. Don’t worry, you won’t get bulky cardboard boxes full of duct tape. A guide to properly dispose of packaging from our shipments can by found here.