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Solid, Green: the future of body-cleansing is minimal.

Be Free, Be Extraordinary.

The simple, minimal and chic bathroom

Practical and comfortable, the advantage of solid cosmetics is reflected in a visually clean, tidy and welcoming bathroom.

The performance

Created to meet different needs and enriched with functional active ingredients.

Fragrance and soap-free to cleanse even the most delicate skin and scalp.

The concentrated essence

Ondalis body-cleansing is an active and delicate concentrate that you combine with water only when you use it, which ensures the same performance as liquid shampoo while also using pure natural essences to their full potential.

Thanks to this formula, we have eliminated the need for plastic bottles.

Sonia Flower82 con prodotti Ondalis in mano

I like it a lot. It creates a very soft and fussy foam. In the beginning I was sceptical since I don’t like soaps but this is not a soap at all. It doesn’t contain soap and fragrances and it has neutral ph suited even for delicate skin.

I am impressed.
My hair is perfectly clean, glossy and not heavy at all.